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Loans Fort Myers and all of Southwest Florida

We provide cash loans for those in need of fast cash today.  If you are looking for immediate cash loan bring us your items of value and we can provide you with a few ways of getting a loan.  You can sell us the item outright or if it is something you want to use as collateral and get back we offer that as well.  For example if you have a designer watch of value and need a loan we can provide you a cash loan using your watch as collateral for the loan.  Once the loan is repaid in full and all fees are paid, you can have your item back.

How pawn loans work at Gulf Coast Jewelry and Loan

For confidential, convenient, and fast cash loans on jewelry, watches, diamonds, and other collateral, call Gulf Coast Jewelry and Loan because we are the trusted pawnbroker among Fort Myers pawn shops. We require no credit checks and do not report to credit rating agencies. You deserve personalized attention, respect, and to be treated with dignity. If you have any questions or need more information about the items we accept, please contact us. 

Firearm and Gun Cash Loans

If you’re in the market for a Loan on your firearm, or Selling your gun Gulf Coast Jewelry and Loan can help… whether you have a Colt 1911, Winchester 94, Kalashnikov AK-47, Glock or AR-15, We have the expertise and knowledge to evaluate and price your firearms. Guns are valuable items and can fetch a great deal of money. It may surprise you that many pawn shops do not possess a Federal Firearms License.  We have the necessary licenses to help you.